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Do an assessment of your innate talents and skills.

I’m talking about those skills you were naturally BORN with. Nobody had to teach you how to do it, you didn’t require level 1 training. You just KNOW how to do it.

Does that skill or talent in any way shape or form actually bring ease to somebody else’s life?

I guarantee you that gift is from God and it is closely connected to your reason for being born.

A long time ago God allowed me to understand that each of our lives are designed to meet a need in somebody…

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I have a huge issue that I am currently working on in my walk with Christ.

I think I have a pretty healthy prayer life with my Creator. Daily I pray and ask God for direction in my life, in my business, in my love life, in my parenting etc.

My issue is, after I am done having a conversation with my Lord and Savior, I rarely move forward on what He instructed me to do.

For days, weeks, months and sometimes years I sit still in prayer AGAIN and AGAIN, asking God for more clarity on the instructions He…

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This is the 15th year I haven’t had a Valentine, and I am finally content.

I never imagined being single at 40 years old.

But, in the last few years I found out that a significant other is only a very small slice of the pie of life.

We get so caught up in finding or meeting “the one” we neglect finding ourselves!

What I mean by that is,we get so caught up in finding a mate that we totally miss the opportunity to discover the reason we were born.

We are heavily influenced by society and the mediocrity of…

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At some point in our lives we have to stop.

Stop saying yes, when in our hearts we need and want to say no.

Stop staying in relationships that don’t yield enough positivity.

Stop allowing fear to rule our decision making.

Stop making excuses for the behavior of the people we love, who mishandle our hearts.

Stop the negative thoughts that have been able to live too long in our minds.

Stop apologizing for choosing to be alone.

Stop minimizing our brilliance to make it comfortable for others.

Stop giving that person or those people chances with our time and…

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Lately I have been suffocating, feeling as if any day now my lungs are going to collapse under the pressure of monotony and unhappiness.

I want to leave my job. I just want to walk away and never return.

I am not complaining at all, God has blessed me at my current place of employment, but lately I’ve been feeling stuck, trapped and out of place.

I have ideas, desires to make an impact, programs, events and all sorts of community outreach initiatives down on the inside of me. …

I was once the master of procrastination. I was full of so many ideas, so much inspiration, so many aspirations, but each time I attempted to move forward on what I should have been doing, procrastination crippled me.

I would be so excited. I’d talk to my friends about it, they’d get excited to help me do it, but when it came time to produce, nothing…

I remember a friend saying to me, “you’ve been talking about the things you want to do since the day I met you, but you’ve never moved forward on any of it”. She said…

I’m on a campaign right now.

Well, actually I’ve been on this campaign for a few years, and I just might be on this here thing for the remainder of my life.

I want every woman on the face of the earth to know that you are worthy, valuable, important, amazing and priceless!

Sweetness, you are a blessing!

You are somebody’s answered prayer!

You are a well thought out creation destined for greatness.

I am on this global campaign because I’ve seen too many of us settle for less than what we are worth.

Queen, there is a price lingering…

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One of the hardest things to do in life is letting go.

We like to hold on to old clothes that remind us of how small or large we once were.

We like to hold on to furniture no matter how broken it is, because it came from grandmas house and grandma is now gone, so we “better” hold it close.

We like to hold on to jobs that threaten our peace and pay us beneath our worth, because we are comfortable in dysfunction and afraid to go after what we actually want.

We hold on to relationships both platonic…

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When God is your teacher and life is your classroom, your possibilities for learning are endless and you learn lessons in the simplest tasks, like pulling weeds on a Sunday morning.

Yes, I was supposed to be in church this morning, but I sat this Sunday out because I had a list of things that I needed to do. Pulling weeds was not on my list, it just kind of happened. Although I missed the awesome word my pastor preached this morning, I received a sermon straight from Heaven: all while pulling weeds. …

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The older I get the more I realize life is one huge class room. I believe there are life lessons to be learned on a daily basis. Each day we should be growing, learning more about others, and especially learning even more about ourselves. Sometimes the oddest situations in life have hidden lessons in them if we look deep enough.

In March of this year I had a terrible fall, resulting in a torn deltoid muscle and a horrible wound on my lower left leg. …

Tia Parker

I am a Baltimore native, mother of one son, a poet, an encourager and a lover of people! Welcome to The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom!

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